Ayoma Matunga

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Marcellus Ayoma Matunga holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. He holds a Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Cooperatives Management. Matunga has trained in NGO financial management, International trade negotiations, regional integration and counselling. He is a Research Associate with International Budget project based in Washington DC. He is currently Programs Coordinator at Social Development Network (SODNET) and coordinates Social Watch East African Region (SWEAR). He is a member of the development cluster (coordinated by the Ministries of Planning and National Development and Ministry of Trade) for the ESA/EAC-EU EPA’s negotiations. He was instrumental in the development of the Development matrix for the EAC-EU trade negotiations. He has worked with the Futures Group and International Population Centre. He has served in various committees such as Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission Strategic Committee, NGOs policy review steering committee among other committees.