Become a member

Membership categories
Membership to the Network shall have the following categories:

  • REGULAR members are organizations with voting rights. An organization being a legally registered body in Kenya.
  • ASSOCIATE members being individuals or organizations within or outside East Africa.
  • CORPORATE members being individual, organization, UN agency or other bodies that support the Network to implement its objectives.

Principles of the Networks membership
The following principles shall apply to the membership of the Network:

  • The Network shall be non-partisan and autonomous in the conduct of its affairs
  • Member organizations of the Network shall retain their autonomy and independence in the conduct of the activities of the Network
  • Members of the Network shall be bound by the joint decisions of the General Assembly at national chapters.

The membership of the Network shall promote national coverage; active participation of all the members and collective responsibility for the operations of the Network.

  • The member organizations shall conform to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in the implementation of the activities and advocacy campaigns of the Network
  • The member organizations shall conform to the highest level of financial management with respect to the funds provided under the Network. 
  • The members shall uphold the principles of accountability and transparency in the execution of all Network affairs. 
  • Regular membership of the Network shall comprise legally recognized organizations, CBOs, NGOs; Faith based organizations (FBOs) that are interested in the sustainable development issues.

On admission a member shall be required to pay a subscription fee determined by the National Executive Committee.
Application procedures

  •  Admission to membership of the Network shall be made in writing using a format provided by the
  • National Executive Committee. 
  • The National Executive Committee shall review and approve the applications. These will be presented to the General Assembly. 
  • Subject to the approval by the Steering committee, any organization may become a member in any one category on payment of the membership fees (Registration and Annual subscription fees).

Rights of Members

a.    The regular member organization that subscribes to this Constitution shall have the following rights:

  •  Have the right to vote and be voted as members of the Steering Committee
  • Have the right to participate in the activities and meetings of the Networks national meetings and regional, where possible and appropriate integrating the practices and priorities of the Network into programmes and activities of the member organization. 
  • Have the right to access information in the possession of the Network.

b.    The Associate and Corporate members have the right to participate in the activities and meetings of the Network and access information in the possession of the Coalition, but shall not have a right to vote.

Responsibilities of members

The responsibilities of the regular members through the General Assembly are:

  • To abide with the provisions of this Constitution.
  • To ensure the coordination and implementation of the Network activities at all levels 
  • To identify activities and potential areas of cooperation with the various stakeholders on sustainable development issues. 
  • To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the activities of the Steering Committee  
  • To disseminate information about the activities of their organizations amongst the members of the Network. 
  • To support solidarity activities of likeminded organizations to advance mutually beneficial issues.

Termination and resignation of members

  • An organization shall lose its membership if its activities cease to conform to the objectives and principles of the Network.
  • An organization may resign from membership using the procedure to be provided by the Network Committee.


SusWatch Kenya Network offers the following benefits to its members. In turn members are expected to be of benefit to it

Benefits to members

  • Eligible to attend Network meetings
  • Regular members are eligible for election to the Network’s Executive committee 
  • Opportunity to publicize organizational interests locally and internationally. 
  • Access to the information materials within the possession of the Coalition Secretariat for example the biannual Rio + 10 Newsletter. 
  • Platform for lobby and advocacy work as part of a critical mass of other civil society organizations. 
  • Opportunities for capacity building through training and engagement in relevant national, regional and International dialogue processes related to the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation and other sustainable development issues. 
  • Members to the network will be awarded certificate of registration 
  • Eligible for consultancy services where they are competent with no conflict of interest 
  • Sharing information with their organizations and providing links of their organizations to the networks website.

Networks expectations from members

  • Sharing of information and experiences from their diverse areas of work and specialization
  • Contributing to the global civil society concerted efforts to implement the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, attainment of related Millennium Development Goals and realization of other global sustainable development commitments. 
  • Contributing to the resource technical / human resource pool of the Coalition in terms to secure legitimacy, credibility and visibility of civil society actions in Kenya working for sustainable development.