OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria)

OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria) was established in 1993 as a national NGO with its head office in Kisumu City in Western Kenya. OSIENALA’s has created awareness locally and internationally about the problems facing Lake Victoria while at the same time creating structures that would support local communities to become responsible custodian of their environment and the lake. OSIENALA endeavours to strengthen capacities within the communities for sound management, optimization of resource utilization and improvement of the social and economic status in the region
Over the years, OSIENALA has repositioned and restructured its services to allow it to engage in regional management and conservation of Lake Victoria resources. OSIENALA works in partnership with other organisations both within the Lake Victoria basin and internationally. In addition, OSIENALA enjoys co-operation and support from several government departments, Non-Governmental Organizations and regional and international agencies. OSIENALA’s collaboration with other partners in environment and development issues such as Global Nature Fund (GNF), Living Lakes Network, and OSRAM in Germany and the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC) in Japan have further strengthened it’s role in the region.

Vision: A sound Lake Victoria’s environment that sustains equitable livelihood of communities.

Mission: To empower Lake Victoria communities to become key participants in the management and equitable utilization of resources for sustainable livelihoods through capacity building, research, policy advocacy, education, information dissemination and networking.