SusWatch Kenya Commissions Community Climate Change Adaptation Projects

25 January 2017

On the 19th of January, 2017, SusWatch Kenya's National Coordinator, Nobert Nyandire commissioned a dispensary project in Kakmie sub-location, Kisumu County. The dispensary project is one of the 8 climate change adaptation projects being implemented in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. These projects stem from the Community Climate Change Adaptation Assessment which was conducted between the months of August and November 2015. SusWatch Kenya won the grant to conduct the assessment in the 5 East African states. The assessment- supported by the USAID - PREPARED project-sort to identify climate change risks and adaptive capacities of 10 selected hotspot communities in the Lake Victoria Basin in the following sectors:

- Agriculture and Food security
- Water Resources
- Energy and Infrastructure;
- Health and Human Well-being and Terrestrial ecosystems

These small scale projects were selected by the communities based on their prioritized climatic hazards. These were mainly, drought, floods and human diseases. In Kenya, the communities settled on the construction of a health centre (dispensary) and a water harvesting project. In Uganda, the communities settled on water well projects. In Rwanda, in addition to a water project, goats were purchased and distributed to the hotspot community members for the improvement of their livelihoods. In Tanzania, the community opted for an energy saving cooking stoves project and a tree planting project.

The projects in Rwanda and Tanzania will be finalized by January 31st, 2017. followed by an official commissioning thereafter.