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Umande Trust is a rights-based agency which believes that modest financial resources can significantly improve access to basic services if strategically invested in support of community-led plans and actions.  

`Umande’ is the Kiswahili term for “dew” - connoting a new, unbiased, nascent beginning, not recycling the ideas of yesteryears. Prof. Saad Yahya and the founding trustees settled on this brand because of the growing disillusionment with business-as-usual approaches to development. They desired an agency that would experiment, dream and adapt innovative processes and methods to learn from, share and transform with communities.  
Umande Trust has been evolving since 2005 through partnerships with community groups, local and international NGOs, UN agencies the respective local authorities and water services boards in Nairobi, Embu, Nakuru, Machakos and Kisumu to design and promote a menu of communitymanaged option for improving access to safe, affordable and eco-friendly basic urban services. 
Operating from its offices within Kibera, with satellite regional offices in Nakuru and Kisumu, UT have been able to achieve rapid growth with community groups, strategic alliances and partnerships with civil society agencies, local authorities, central government and international development partners.1 

We have also been able to build awareness on the National and County development policies, priorities, sanitation financing, utilization of biogas through compressing and create and strengthen linkages with the different government levels. This third Strategic Plan (2016-2020)
places primacy on innovative programme approaches to basic urban services, partnerships and organizational capacity development both locally and internationally